i have situation where i need to have blue color as navigation bar color for first view and for second view i should have as green color .when i tried to apply it using below code.

in viewdidload for 1st view: self.navigationController.navigationBar.barTintColor = [UIColor bluecolor];

in view did load in second view: self.navigationController.navigationBar.barTintColor = [UIColor greenColor];

the color remains same as in first view i was unable to change it,and how to remove glassy effect on navigation bar.

  • Does stackoverflow.com/q/26256149/643383 answer your question? Also, it's not clear what you mean by glassy effect, but UINavigationBar has a translucent property that you can set to NO. – Caleb Mar 8 '15 at 15:53
  • 1
    Try to put your code in the viewDidAppear – Ashraf Tawfeeq Mar 8 '15 at 15:54
  • i have place in viewdidappear but result is same .i was unable to change color – user3816512 Mar 8 '15 at 15:58

Select your navigation controller in your view hierarchy(in Storyboard), select the navigation bar and from there you can set the color in the attributes inspector.

  • I don't doubt that this might work, but OP seems to be looking for a programmatic solution. – Caleb Mar 8 '15 at 15:55
  • i have changed top bar in navigation bar to opaque but how to change color of navigation bar in story board – user3816512 Mar 8 '15 at 16:00
  • @user3816512 What do you mean? – Eilon Mar 8 '15 at 16:06

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