Why does this code echo Yes. even though variables are not equal!

$a = '0e462097431906509019562988736854';
$b = '0e830400451993494058024219903391';

if( $a == $b ) echo 'Yes.';
else echo 'No!';

Both will treated as numbers, and PHP had limitations in number storage before. So check that.

Try to use '==='. it will check the type also, so those will not convert to numbers.

Refer this question and its answers.


You want strcmp, not the equality operator.


try it, with using strcmp function:

if(int strcmp ($a,$b)===0) echo 'Yes.';
else echo 'No!';

Try using '===' instead of '=='.

'==' has a "weaker" comparison because it does not check for type.

'===' on the other hand, checks for the type as well, and it is generally good practice to be more explicit when you compare two things.

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