I have to develop a windows application whose intention is to split screen in to two virtual monitors like we plug second monitor and windows detect these two monitors and provide settings according to like in this screen shot.

enter image description here

I have to achieve this functionality virtually simulating that a second monitor is attached. Please guide me how this can be achieved and what logics I should follow?

What kind of windows API I should focus on?

Do I need to interact with windows display drivers or what so ever?

This application has to be developed in C# or VB or VC++ whichever is easy to build in.

The output of this app will cause the screen to be split in two screens and should appear as two separate screens to other applications.

Thanks & Regards.


There might be a api to do it, but for $10 you can get an dongle that plugs in to the computer and creates a fake display. This is the one I used to do it and was happy with.

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