What is the difference between request, response and server?

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Request : From Client to Server
Response: From Server to Client
Server: Receive Request and Send Response
Client: Send Request and Receive Response

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A client (web user) makes a Request to a Server which processes the Request and determines the appropriate Response


Server: Machine that provide something for client.

Focus at Server, Request is message that arrive to server for request something. Response is message that send from server to client for give thing that client what.

anyway REQUEST/RESPONSE means you can know it with common sense.

See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Request-response


The 1st answer (Ramesh Soni's answer) is simple and concise. I also wanna share a useful terms distinction that's relevance to this.

What's the difference between request and query???

  • First of all, query and request can both be nouns and verbs. E.g:

    • I requested a refund.
    • We received a request for a refund.
    • I queried the price.
    • We received a query about the price.
  • To request something is to ask for something, an object or a favour etc. A request is a polite demand. To query is to ask about something i.e. you are wanting information. A query is a question.

  • Also, QUERY is an inquiry(Query and inquiry are synonyms) They are both requests but the difference is that the QUERY is a precise request. In informatics, if you need information about something you need to send a specific request with precise information.

"I queried information about user account Maxim Pavlov" = "I need to know about this website users. In particular, I need to know if there is any Maxim Pavlov registered on this site".

  • If you are Arabic, best translations in Arabic would be, request = طلب and query = إستعلام)
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