I'm trying to push a message for when a user sends a message to a certain certain Id (within an User model) in a user to user chat messaging system. I can't get it to work, nor do I know how to get started. I have this in my Messaging controller:

sendAndReceiveMsgs: function(req, res) {

    if (req.isSocket && req.param('message') && req.param('to')) {

        var message = req.param('message'),
            from = req.user.id,
            to = req.param('to');

        Messaging.create({ message: message, from: from, to: to })
            .exec(function (err, created) {

    } else if (req.isSocket) {

        Messaging.find({ where: { to: req.user.id }, limit: 1, sort: 'id DESC' })
        .exec(function(err, messages) {
            if(messages.length > 0){
                console.log(message.length + " new messages");
            } else {
                console.log("No new messages");
            Messaging.subscribe(req.socket, message);
            Messaging.publishCreate({ id: message[0].id, message: message[0].message });

    } else if (!req.isSocket) {

        return res.notFound();



However, it doesn't push further new messages to the user (meant for him). Any clue? I really don't understand this, and don't know where to go from here. Thanks!


Please show the client side code too. One thing I noticed is that you're using subscribe but it's used only to see messages emittted by .publishUpdate(), .publishDestroy(), .publishAdd() and .publishRemove(). Not sure if that helps


You need to use io.socket.on in your client. See the documentation here. The eventIdentity if your using pub/sub methods are also the model name.

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