I need to automate 3rd party WPF application. I use TestStack/White. This application has menu bar that is presented by images. After some actions menu is changing. There presents new images. When I want to click on new image:

Window mainWindow = application.GetWindow("Main window", InitializeOption.NoCache);
Image newTask = mainWindow.Get<Image>(SearchCriteria.ByControlType(ControlType.Image).AndIndex(2));

I get exception:

TestStack.White.AutomationException: Cannot perform action on Image. AutomationId:, Name:, ControlType:image, FrameworkId:WPF, element is offscreen.

I use Microsoft Inspect for research elements. When I start tests, Inspect show me that image is offscreen. But if I do these actions manually, it works perfectly and in Inspect this image is not offscreen.

How can I refresh these elements or clear cache of window?

  • You should perhaps add a Wait call before clicking the image, to allow the new image to appear on screen. – o_weisman Mar 10 '15 at 12:57
  • I tried to add big Wait. But it doesn't help. – Sergey Einberg Mar 11 '15 at 3:23
  • Can you please post a screen shot of the properties from inspect with the heirarchy? – Max Young Sep 26 '15 at 0:47

There are ReInitialize and ReloadIfCached methods on Window object. Try those to see if something changes.

Are you sure AndIndex(2) is correct element in that particular situation?

Try using GetMultiple and iterate the collection to see what images you actually have and which are not Offscreen.

WPF automation with White is pretty hard. Try Telerik Testing Framework and White could be supporting framework. It is much more easier that way.


It can be a problem with focus, try to use this before getting image:


I don’t think that caching is the problem here. You are getting the mainWindow with InitializeOption.NoCache. In Non-cache mode the controls are found on demand. So I presume that the cache is refreshed automatically. (https://github.com/TestStack/White/blob/master/src/TestStack.White/Factory/InitializeOption.cs)

Perhaps the index of the element you want to click is not 2. Have you tried adding an explicit wait? It sounds like you have only tried adding an implicit wait.(https://github.com/TestStack/TestStack.docs/blob/master/_source/White/Advanced%20Topics/Waiting.md)

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