I am trying to find a list of jpg files but also using filesep (to break the names of the files) in one line

dir([folder,[filesep '*.' 'jpg']]). 

The above command works for me. But I also want to find the files that include in their name a specific word like 'blue' but when I tried to use

dir([folder,[filesep '*.' '*blue*jpg']]) 

it did not work, the program does not find any files at all. Is there anyway to do this in one line? Thank you.

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Why don't you use fullfile? This command will take care of the filesep for you in a much nicer way:

dir( fullfile( folder, '*blue*.jpg' ) );
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    thank you for the suggestion. I was not aware of this command.
    – AL B
    Mar 11, 2015 at 16:04

You want to use dir([folder,[filesep '*blue*.jpg']]), or more simply dir([folder filesep '*blue*.jpg']).

Just to be clear, the * character acts as a "wildcard". It can represent zero or more characters of any kind.

*.jpg finds all .jpg files because * allows the filename before the extension to be anything.

red*.jpg finds all .jpg files starting with red, like redhouse.jpg or redflower.jpg.

*green.jpg finds all .jpg files ending with green, like grassgreen.jpg or darkgreen.jpg

*blue*.jpg finds all .jpg files that contain the word blue, like skyblue.jpg, bluecar.jpg, or mybluebox.jpg.

What you're using now, dir([folder,[filesep '*.' '*blue*jpg']]) would find files like something.BLAHblueBLEHjpg.


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