Hi guys,

      I was trying to find the difference between two directories, dir structure as follows.
  1. dir1/subdir/file.txt
  2. dir2/subdir/nffile.txt

when i tried with "diff -r dir1 dir2" it shows only the content difference in files but i want interns of new file addition.

Any possibility that we can find the difference between these dir using the "diff" command.


Try out using --brief option something like:

$ diff --recursive --brief dir1 dir2
Only in dir1/dir1: file1
Only in dir2/dir1: file2
Only in dir1: dir2

Alt.1 - use of diff

diff <(ls dir1) <(ls dir2)

Alt.2 - script without use of diff

 for i in /my/directory/*; do
    name=$(basename "$i")
    if [[ ! -e "/my/other/directory/$name" ]]; then
       echo $name not found in other directory
diff -qrN dir1 dir2

if one of the directories has a name that can be confused with a paramenter

diff -qrN -- -f -z

where -f and -z are actually directory names

remove the q parameter to have more detail about what changed. If you want even more detail use the following

diff -rupN -- dir1 dir2

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