Here i am trying to create docker image from ubuntu 14.04 ISO file, knowing ubuntu 14.04 is already available in docker hub. Because later i have to create docker images for Suse10 and Suse11[sp1 64bit] which is not available in docker hub.

I was able to create docker image from ubuntu 14.04 ISO with below commands

# mkdir rootfs
# mount -o loop /path/to/iso rootfs
# tar -C rootfs -c . | docker import - newubuntu

With above image gets successfully created , i can do docker images it gets listed

root@ubuntu:~# docker images


newubuntu latest 1dcd1b632d37 5 days ago 1.015 GB

But when i try to run image, then i get below error message

root@ubuntu:~# docker run -t -i newubuntu /bin/bash

2015/03/11 06:59:16 exec: "/bin/bash": stat /bin/bash: no such file or directory

Please kindly let me know how to resolve this error. I should be able to create container from that image and install other applications.


You're building an image from ubuntu's iso but what you really want is building an image from an ubuntu install.

What you have to do is :

  • install ubuntu from the iso inside a VM

  • make an archive or the VM's /

  • import with docker

I hope that helps


Use debootstrap to install a base image (you may include and exclude packages) into a directory that is chrootable.

You can use that directory to create the base image.

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