after i try to deploy my app via capistrano to my server i get this error message:

DEBUG [605f198a] Finished in 0.084 seconds with exit status 1 (failed).
ERROR linked file /home/deploy/myrailsapp/shared/config/database.yml does not exist on xx.xxx.xx.xxx
(Backtrace restricted to imported tasks)
cap aborted!
SSHKit::Runner::ExecuteError: Exception while executing as deploy@xx.xxx.xx.xxx: exit

SystemExit: exit

Tasks: TOP => deploy:check:linked_files
(See full trace by running task with --trace)
The deploy has failed with an error: Exception while executing as deploy@xx.xxx.xx.xxx: exit

my deploy.rb is:

set :deploy_to, '/home/deploy/myrailsapp'
set :linked_files, %w{config/database.yml}
set :linked_dirs, %w{bin log tmp/pids tmp/cache tmp/sockets vendor/bundle public/system}

namespace :deploy do
  desc 'Restart application'
  task :restart do
    on roles(:app), in: :sequence, wait: 5 do
      execute :touch, release_path.join('tmp/restart.txt')
  after :publishing, 'deploy:restart'
  after :finishing, 'deploy:cleanup'

namespace :deploy do
  after :restart, :clear_cache do
    on roles(:web), in: :groups, limit: 3, wait: 10 do
      # Here we can do anything such as:
      # within release_path do
      #   execute :rake, 'cache:clear'
      # end

i tried this tut https://www.gorails.com/deploy/ubuntu/14.04, this is my first try with capistrano.


Just create /home/deploy/myrailsapp/shared/config/database.yml file manually and adjust it.

Capistrano doesn't create (or manage) configuration file out of the box. So, you should do it manually or automate use own Capistrano scripts, Puppet, Chef, Ansible tools.

  • I've searched high and low trying to get unstuck. Your tip did the trick. Thanks @maxd. – Red Apr 18 '16 at 11:10
  • For me I have the file but it is giving me this error. I have even opened it on vim! Why this? – Ruto Collins Mar 22 '17 at 12:21

As i prefer to have my files central on the deployment server, i use this task to deploy the config files from the config dir to the linked files dir on the app server.

This uses rsync, since i use capistrano-rsync to deploy.

namespace :deploy do

  task :copy_config do
    on release_roles :app do |role|
      fetch(:linked_files).each do |linked_file|
        user = role.user + "@" if role.user
        hostname = role.hostname
        linked_files(shared_path).each do |file|
          run_locally do
            execute :rsync, "config/#{file.to_s.gsub(/.*\/(.*)$/,"\\1")}", "#{user}#{hostname}:#{file.to_s.gsub(/(.*)\/[^\/]*$/, "\\1")}/"

before "deploy:check:linked_files", "deploy:copy_config"

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