I am using the default build directory in Qt Creator which is something like build-project-blah-blah-Debug. However, when I build my app in debug mode both a debug and and a release folder are created inside. If I set the build directory as build-project-blah-blah for both the debug and release builds Qt Creator does not behave properly, i.e. it complaints and it does not clean the built files.


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I deduced the solution from this answer to the reverse question. In your .pro file, add the following line to prevent the subdirectories being created:

CONFIG -= debug_and_release debug_and_release_target

This issue only occurs on Windows, not on Unix-based OS's. Windows sets these flags by default, whereas Unix implementations of QT don't. To me it was mainly a problem due to compatibility of my project between both environments.


You can choose folder for debug and release builds on the projects mode (Ctrl + 5)

There you have a combo box which says "Edit build configuration", and lets you choose Release or Debug, and then you can edit the build directory of each one

  • I'm having the same issue as biologist. The problem is that inside that build directory of your solution, there have been created subdirs for debug and release. I don't have that problem on Mac.
    – gleerman
    Aug 11, 2016 at 12:04

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