I cannot get this seemingly simple example to work in Ansible 1.8.3. The variable interpolation does not kick in the task name. All examples I have seen seem to suggest this should work. Given that the variable is defined in the vars section I expected the task name to print the value of the variable. Why doesn't this work?

Even the example from the Ansible documentation seems to not print the variable value.

- hosts:
  gather_facts: no
    vhost: "foo"
    - name: create a virtual host file for {{ vhost }}
      debug: msg="{{ vhost }}"

This results in the following output:

PLAY []     

TASK: [create a virtual host file for {{ vhost }}] 
ok: [] => {
   "msg": "foo"

********************************************************************                  : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0   

Update This works with 1.7.2 but does not work with 1.8.3. So either this is a bug or a feature.

Variables are not resolved inside the name. Only inside the actual tasks/conditions etc. the placeholders will be resolved. I guess this is by design. Imagine you have a with_items loop and use the {{ item }}in the name. The tasks name will only be printed once, but the {{ item }} would change in every iteration.

I see the examples, even the one in the doc you linked to, use variables in the name. But that doesn't mean the result would be like you expected it. The docs are community managed. It might be someone just put that line there w/o testing it - or maybe it used to work like that in a previous version of Ansible and the docs have not been updated then. (I'm only using Ansible since about one year). But even though it doesn't work like we wish it would, I'm still using variables in my name's, just to indicate that the task is based on dynamic parameters. Might be the examples have been written with the same intention.

An interesting observation I recently made (Ansible 1.9.4) is, default values are written out in the task name.

- name: create a virtual host file for {{ vhost | default("foo") }}

When executed, Ansible would show the task title as:

TASK: [create a virtual host file for foo]

This way you can avoid ugly task names in the output.

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    That kinda... makes sense. Like you posited, this used to work in 1.7.x but stopped working in 1.8. Oh well... – calvinkrishy Mar 12 '15 at 19:09
  • ah, thanks for mentioning the versions, I thought that happened because I made my tasks into a module, figures my names stopped interpolating because I updated Ansible. – lakesare Dec 22 '15 at 18:02

You have to surround the string in quotation marks.

    - name: "create a virtual host file for {{ vhost }}"
      debug: msg="{{ vhost }}"

From ansible documentation:

YAML syntax requires that if you start a value with {{ foo }} you quote the whole line, since it wants to be sure you aren’t trying to start a YAML dictionary. This is covered on the YAML Syntax page.

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    If you start a value with {{ foo }} you quote the whole line. It is not necessary in OP case. – Konstantin Suvorov Jun 29 '17 at 19:24
  • Well on Ansible 2.5 the above comment works. – Christian Kaiser Jul 9 at 18:06

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