I have a complicated program for working with documents. Client requirement: it should be conditionally integrated in Windows Explorer context menu during install, i.e. then user check the corresponding option.

So, in my Inno Setup script [Tasks] i've created a separate task named IntegrateToExporer.
And in the [Files] section - two COM DLL files (x86/x86-64 version) with regserver flag.

My question is: how to make regserver flag conditional?
it must be applied only if user select IntegrateToExplorer task, otherwise file should be copied just like others.

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Create two entries in [Files]:

  • one with regserver flag to process when IntegrateToExporer task is selected
  • one without the regserver flag to process when IntegrateToExporer task is not selected
Source: "my.dll"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: regserver; Tasks: IntegrateToExporer
Source: "my.dll"; DestDir: "{app}"; Tasks: not IntegrateToExporer

See Components and Tasks Parameters in Inno Setup documentation.

  • Nice! Thanks for this. I'm already read so much Inno documentation and just skip this :(
    – eraxillan
    Mar 12, 2015 at 8:32

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