I use Docker on Windows 8.1 and I would like know how I can copy/paste a simple text inside the Boot2Docker console please, I have try ctrl+v and right-click but don't work.


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1st Option

 Right click on the window menu title --> Edit --> Paste

2nd Option

 - Double click the start.sh script (this is the script behind the boot2docker linkage)
 - Right click on the window menu title --> Options --> mark check box QuickEdit-Mode
 - You will then be able to paste text via right click
  1. Right click on top panel of Docker console -> Properties enter image description here

  2. Click "QuickEdit Mode" enter image description here

  3. Copy text and paste it by right click in Docker console


It turns out that for me, doing so in default did not do the trick. I had to go to Menu > Properties > set Quick Edit Mode ON.

Then, I was able to select text with mouse, to copy hitting "Enter" and to Paste with a right-click button on my mouse.

Pretty obvious things, but if you don't have those, it can be very annoying.


you can - paste by

edit--> paste

  • TO copy you can mark the "text" that you need, right click to

If you want it default, click icon docker in terminal -> default -> click Quick Edit Mode


Windows 10, Docker Desktop 4.0.1(68347)

I must tick like this and use ctrl+shift+C/V to copy/paste

enter image description here

Good luck!

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