I am working on a Windows Phone app and I have encountered an "issue". I have a BottomAppBar control on my View and some AppBarButton controls inside the command bar. I would like to "hide" the BottomAppBar in such way that only those three dots on the right side are displayed and the user would have to slide the BottomAppBar control up to see its contents.

I have tried to:

  1. Set the IsOpen property of the CommandBar to False - didn't work
  2. Set all the AppBarButton controls visibility to Collapsed - showed only the empty BottomAppBar

I am not very good at explaining myself, therefore I will add a couple of images from another app on my phone, just to show exactly what I would like to obtain:

<code>BottomAppBar</code> is somehow "collapsed" 'BottomAppBar' is opened


you can set the ClosedDisplayMode=Minimal

    <CommandBar ClosedDisplayMode="Minimal">
            <AppBarButton IsCompact="True" Label="About"/>
  • That was the option I was looking for! I am not sure how I missed it...Thank you – rhcpfan Mar 12 '15 at 17:47

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