I am using django messaging framework to display a one time message. Everything is working fine except its not being rendered properly. Not able to figure out the issue. Python code:

def on_user_signed_up(sender, request, user, **kwargs):
    msg='You have completed the first step of <a href="%s">Getting started with MDN</a>' % wiki_url(context, 'MDN/Getting_started')
    messages.success(request, msg)

jinja2 code:

<div class="one time message">
        {% if messages %}
            <li>{{ _('messages') }}</li>
        {% endif %}

Desired output: You have completed the first step of Getting started with MDN

   My output: You have completed the first step of <a href"replaced url">Getting started with MDN</a>

Note: wiki_url is a utility that converts the path into url.

  • How is it not being rendered properly? – Brandon Mar 12 '15 at 15:24

Adding extra_tags='safe' marks the message as safe in django messages framework. The answer that starts with "another option is to..." is the one worked for me https://stackoverflow.com/a/10124845/4297741

  • By adding tag you did not mark message as safe, extra if in template required... You can do it with just 1 mark_safe call... – ndpu Mar 12 '15 at 18:57

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