Following the example on Piping results with Streams2, I'm trying to stream results from MySQL to stdout in node.js.

Code looks like this:

connection.query('SELECT * FROM table')

I get this error: TypeError: invalid data

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From this github issue for the project:

.stream() returns stream in "objectMode". You can't pipe it to stdout or network socket because "data" events have rows as payload, not Buffer chunks


You can fix this using the csv-stringify module.

var stringify = require('csv-stringify');

var stringifier = stringify();

connection.query('SELECT * FROM table')

notice the extra .pipe(stringifier) before the .pipe(process.stdout)

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    The distinction between string (buffer, really) and object mode is a very important one, but often easily overlooked. Good catch here. – tadman Mar 12 '15 at 15:20

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