I really like Geany for writing Python code. When I click F5, it opens system's default terminal window and executes the code there.

There is also a terminal inside Geany window, the bottom pane and the last tab. What I want is the code to be executed there. Is it possible?

Geany with terminal pane


After fiddling with the options, I found the way:

  1. Right-click on terminal area and select "Preferences". It opens the general preferences window with Terminal tab opened.

  2. There is an option: "Execute programs in the VTE". Checking this option does what I want.

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    This will work only on *x-systems as on Windows there is not VTE. You can also reach this via Edit->Preferences->Terminal – frlan Mar 14 '15 at 6:39

if you are at the location of your file, just type python in that terminal.

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