I am new to JavaFX. When I try to build a simple JavaFX program in Eclipse Luna. after I created the new FXML Document, I try to open the .fxml file through the scenebuilder, Eclipse shows the following message in the editor:

"opening the file with scene builder failed. Try setting the absolute path to scenebuilder in your the preferences"

Any hints how to solve this Problem?


There is setting to set the path to the Scenebuilder in Eclipse. Go to the preferences and search for the JavaFX tab.

Scenebuilder Preferences


The reason for not finding the scenebuilder in the jdk 8 build is that Oracle has decided to no longer provide binary downloads for it.

Have a look at these posts: Oracle Scenebuilder JavaFX 8

Btw, you can find the recent builds of scenebuilder at http://gluonhq.com/products/downloads/

  • I have checked this but, I did not see the SceneBuilder in my program files. but I have installed the new software in eclipse, please let me know the solution for this. Mar 13 '15 at 5:14
  • Check out stackoverflow.com/questions/28808130/…
    – NDY
    Mar 13 '15 at 6:19

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