I try to deploy a rails application with passenger and nginx. All is working fine but when i want to send a DELETE request like this for example:

<%= link_to "Sign out", sign_out_path, method: :delete %>

In developpement it works fine but in production with nginx it's doing a GET request instead. So logically i get this error:

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/sign_out")

I have read that nginx needs to be compiled with the http_dav_module to be able to use the DELETE method.

I did it and added the module in nginx configuration file like so:

server {
  listen       8080;

  server_name  framework1.local.42.fr;
  passenger_enabled   on;

  location / {

    root          /rails/Framework00/public
    dav_methods   PUT DELETE;
    dav_access    group:rw  all:r;

But I get the same thing, the DELETE method doesn't work.

Any idea of how I can fix this ?


It happens because you have js errors on production. JavaScript that should send DELETE request does not work.

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