I am running ipython notebook on my OSX machine and/or my ubuntu 14.04 machine. I am using ipython 3.0.0, and ipython (jupyter) notebooks.

When I start an ipython notebook, under New there is a terminal option, but it's unavailable for me. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this feature, how to activate it or what it does. The ipython notebook --help command doesn't mention it and I haven't found anything in the documentation either. I haven't discovered the special keywords to search google for to get any information either.

What does this feature do? How do I activate it? Is there any documentation on this available?

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  • I only get "New Notebook" button in the upper-right corner of the ipython-notebooks web interface. What set of IPython/Jupiter addons are you using? AFAICS, there's no separate "jupiter notebook", jupiter extends ipython's functionality. Mar 13, 2015 at 23:36
  • Are you using ipython 3.0.0? Mar 13, 2015 at 23:41
  • Nope! Updating fixed that. Mar 13, 2015 at 23:46
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    For OSS, there's always the most detailed documentation possible called "source code" ;-) Mar 14, 2015 at 0:13
  • 2
    pip install terminado to get an in browser terminal.
    – Matt
    Mar 14, 2015 at 1:44

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IPython/Jupyter appears to support browser-based interactive terminal sessions. This is enabled on my machine by installing the terminado package with pip or conda. This fixes the "Terminals Unavailable" message on the drop-down, and lets me start up a (bash) terminal session in a new tab.

See this commit: IPython on GitHub

  • 1
    Installed jupyter and terminado using pip, but still can't access terminals (Win). Mar 6, 2016 at 16:14
  • 1
    Exactly the same with me - annaconda distribution used - although I used pip for the terminado (as no conda install available)
    – whytheq
    May 25, 2016 at 10:35
  • @CzarekTomczak did you find an answer?
    – whytheq
    May 25, 2016 at 10:36
  • ignore me - looks like because I'm using windows this feature is not available
    – whytheq
    May 25, 2016 at 12:05
  • 2
    @whytheq Terminals are not supported on Windows May 25, 2016 at 15:21

Here's the code in Lib/site-packages/IPython/html/notebookapp.py responsible for this item (located the file by searching the source for "Terminals" case-sensitively):

def init_terminals(self):
        from .terminal import initialize
        self.web_app.settings['terminals_available'] = True
    except ImportError as e:
        log = self.log.debug if sys.platform == 'win32' else self.log.warn
        log("Terminals not available (error was %s)", e)

As you can see, there should be a message in the console log specifying what went wrong (you may need to increase log verbosity with ipython notebook --log-level=<level> to see it). In my case, it said:

Terminals not available (error was No module named fcntl)

The html.terminal module that is being imported appears to provide a web-based IPython interactive console.


Support for Windows terminals with terminado dependency was added in Jupyter 5.3.0:



Actually it's jupyter notebook 5.3.0, not jupyter. the two versions is not the same thing. - jupyter --version - jupyter notebook --version

I ever suffered from this.

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