I have an arch linux based ditro and I'm trying to open up an audio file (mp3 and flac files) in the terminal using the following command:

$ mpv song.flac

If the audio file doesn't contain any album art, it opens up in the terminal and starts playing like I want it to. When the audio file does have album art though, it opens up a new window displaying the album art while playing the song. Is there a command I can enter or a setting I can change so I can play my audio files in the terminal without a new window being opened to display the album art?


If you browse the "Video" section of the man page for mpv, you will see this very near the top:

Do not play video. With some demuxers this may not work. In those cases you can try −−vo=null instead.


mpv comes with a flag to disable the display of cover art:

$ mpv --audio-display=no song.flac

does just what you want.
See the relevant documentation here.

  • I prefer --audio-display=no over --no-video because with this option you still get video for files like *.mp4 – mic Dec 24 '18 at 8:29

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