I use the following code for trying to get the fully qualified name of an IFile object.

private String getFullName(IFile file) {
   IJavaElement element = JavaCore.create(file);
      if (element instanceof IType) {
         return ((IType) element).getFullyQualifiedName().toString();
      } else {
         return new String(((CompilationUnit) element).getFileName());

In case that the IFile object is a class, the method returns e.g. the following String:


What I want is the fully qualified name without the Project Name and the src folder. But how can I achieve that?

The path I'm looking for would look like this (package declaration + class name):

  • So you want a relative path? – MeetTitan Mar 14 '15 at 23:54

You can use Java File to unpack a full path into the filename and remove the directories

// assuming the above routine - getFullName
File fullNameAsFile = new File(getFullName(iFile));

String namePart = fullNameAsFile.getName();

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