I have a android application that needs a chart, and I got the MPAndroidChart in GitHub. But according to the documents, I just copy the jar file to the libs folder,and then I got the error. I have searched some solutions in the cite,such as change androidsdkversion ,project->clean your project, remove AndroidManifest.xml in your imported jar file.But,they all doesn't work. what should I do to get rid of the error?

Detailed information:

[2015-03-15 09:54:01 - BLEReceiveEarSignal] Error generating final archive: Found duplicate file for APK: AndroidManifest.xml Origin 1: C:\Users\MyPC\workspace\BLEReceiveEarSignal\bin\resources.ap_ Origin 2: C:\Users\MyPC\workspace\BLEReceiveEarSignal\libs\mpandroidchartlibrary-2-0-8.jar


Could be that I accidentally included the manifest file when generating the .jar file.

I just recreated the .jar file excluding the manifest, download the new file (v2.0.8) and give it a try: releases-section

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