I made simple reduced test case(JSBIN) to check if filter,opacity and transform run on compositor thread while animating, and they are. If you open Chrome Dev Tools and use a feature Show composited layer borders you will see that first div has blue border around and last 2 has orange border. Why is this, bug or a feature ? I am on Ubuntu, so can you guys see this behavior on other platforms too ?


I found the answer. It is here Debugging-composited-layers

And also you can see here that Chromium uses different colors based on some conditions.

Code is very well commented and for example images should have olive color if they are composited. I tested that on JSBIN and the image has olive border if you turn on --show-compisited-layer-borders.

Here is the code fragment and comment.

// Image layers are olive.
SkColor DebugColors::ImageLayerBorderColor() {
  return SkColorSetARGB(128, 128, 128, 0);
int DebugColors::ImageLayerBorderWidth(const LayerTreeImpl* tree_impl) {
  return Scale(2, tree_impl);

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