I want to rename key value of json object using java. my current json is :


I want to change it to :


I want to rename "serviceCentreLon" to "longitude" and "serviceCentreLat" to "latitude". I am using JSONObject datatype and Java for backend. TIA


Assuming you're using the json.org library: once you have a JSONObject, why not just do this?

obj.put("longitude", obj.get("serviceCentreLon"));
obj.put("latitude", obj.get("serviceCentreLat"));

You could create a rename method that does this (then call it twice), but that's probably overkill if these are the only fields you're renaming.

String data= json.toString();

convert back to json object


I'm not sure whether I get your question right, but shouldn't the following work?

You could use a regular expression to replace the keys, for example:

String str = myJsonObject.toString();
str = str.replace(/"serviceCentreLon":/g, '"longitude":');
str = str.replace(/"serviceCentreLat":/g, '"latitude":');

It's not as "clean", but it might get the job done fast.

  • what is the point of using :/g?? ? – Danyal Sandeelo Mar 16 '15 at 6:47

To build on Danyal Sandeelo's approach, instead of:




This method explicitly matches the json key syntax, and avoids obscure errors where the key value is present as valid data elsewhere in the json string.


The best way to approach the problem is to parse the JSON data and then replace the key. A number of parsers are available - google gson, Jackson serializer de-serializers, org.json.me are a few such java libraries to handle JSON data.


is a good way to deal with it if you have a pretty generic and relatively huge JSON data. Of course, you have to spend time in learning the library and how to use it well.

http://www.baeldung.com/jackson-map is another such parser.

https://stleary.github.io/JSON-java/ is the simplest one especially if you don't want any serious serialization or deserialization


Have an object that maps to this object data structure.

Use GSON parser or Jackson parser to convert this json into POJO.

Then map this object to another Java Object with required configuration

Convert that POJO back to json using the same GSON parsers.

refer this for further reference


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