When I do f.input :start_date, as: :date I get 3 select elements (day, month and year).

I can do f.input :start_date, as: :string to get input[type=text] element, but how can I generate input[type=date] element with simple_form?


You should specify html5 option:

f.input :start_date, as: :date, html5: true

Here is details.


HTML 5 date / time inputs are not generated by Simple Form by default, so using date, time or datetime will all generate select boxes using normal Rails helpers. We believe browsers are not totally ready for these yet, but you can easily opt-in on a per-input basis by passing the html5 option:

<%= f.input :expires_at, as: :date, html5: true %>

Hopefully this piece of information found in simple_form documentation will solve your problem.

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You can also set that as the default defining a class that makes that as default:

# Use html5 date inputs by default, use html5: false to force
# the use of multiple selects
class DateTimeInput < SimpleForm::Inputs::DateTimeInput

  def use_html5_inputs?
    input_options.fetch(:html5, true)

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