I have a Coffeescript project that I'd like to edit using Eclipse.

Many people suggested that I should install the Nodeclipse Coffeescript Viewer module in order to have colors and highlights.

I did install the module but I'm still getting a plain black and white file.

What should I do?


PS : I have Eclipse Luna under Win7.


Seems like you have not installed well, reinstall

You would get editor for .coffee files by default.

Also Nodeclipse EditBox helps a lot to see indentation


If this is not a new file, right-click on it and look in the "Open With..." menu. Eclipse will reopen the same editor you used the last time for a given file.

  • Thanks @nintind. It gave me a choice between Text Editor, System Editor, and In-Place Editor. No sign of Coffeescript Viewer! – user1885868 Mar 16 '15 at 15:28

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