When I'm using the toc: yes command, the document contains "Content" as the headline of the table of contents. Due to the fact that I want to write this document in german, I also want to change the headline of the table of contents to the equivalent german word. Any suggestions on how to change this?

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This in your YAML should also work:

header-includes: \renewcommand{\contentsname}{Inhalt}


With this YAML header that includes LaTeX-Package babel, it works for me:

title: "TOC in German"
  - \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}
    toc: true
    number_sections: yes

You can also make use of babel simply specifying in the YAML header the "lang" field. For example:

lang: de-DE
title: "Ausgefallener Titel"
toc: 1

I.e., you can use the "lang" field and specify your desired language-and-country code. For example, de-DE, en-US, etc. (Of course, the corresponding babel package for that language should be installed, or you'll get an error).

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