I'm wondering how I can apply a partial update to an item in $firebaseArray, and the documentation is confusing with no mention of this. .$save seems to clobber the entire item:

var ref = new Firebase("https://xxxx.firebaseio.com/items");
$scope.items = $firebaseArray(ref);
someItem = getItem();
someItem.newField= 'Test';

This causes the entire item object to be completely overridden, instead of just updating newField

I've seen other discussions of how to do this using $asObject but I'm still confused how to handle this with items in a $firebaseArray

  • What does getItem() look like?
    – sbolel
    Mar 16, 2015 at 19:32

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I think I can help here. First, a few things:

  • I'm assuming your getItem() doesn't use .$getRecord() and therefore someItem doesn't have an $id property. So, the properties of someItem get set as the properties of $scope.items.
  • You can .$add(someItem) to itemsArray if you want to create a new item.
  • You could use $scope.items.$save(someItem) if someItem has an $id.


var ref = new Firebase(fbUrl+'/items');
itemsList = $firebaseArray(ref);
$scope.items = itemsList;

$scope.addItemObject = function() {
  var someItem = {};
  someItem.newField = 'test';
  console.log('$scope.items is',$scope.items);

$scope.updateItem = function() {
  console.log('$scope.items was',$scope.items);
  var id = prompt("Enter $id to update");
  var someItem = itemsList.$getRecord(id);
  var newField = prompt('Enter new value for newField');
  someItem.newField = newField;
  itemsList.$save(someItem).then(function(ref) {
    console.log('$scope.items is now',$scope.items);


  • See this working PLNKR example
  • I created ItemsFactory in the PLNKR, which achieves the same result as the code above.


Take a look at:

Hope that helps!

  • Yeah, I figured that was probably it. You're welcome!
    – sbolel
    Mar 18, 2015 at 18:59

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