SHOW TABLES gives you tables+views.

How do I retrieve only tables?

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show full tables where Table_Type = 'BASE TABLE'


Or put another way;

show full tables where Table_Type != 'VIEW'



9 year old question but Google brought me here in 2019 for the same problem

The link at https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/show-tables.html tells us that we cannot use LIKE and WHERE together ( for mysql 5.5.x - 8.x ).

So this statement WILL throw errors ( show tables which are NOT views and are further filtered by %name% );

  show full tables like "%sometablename%"  where Table_Type = 'BASE TABLE';

U will have to choose either LIKE or WHERE in one statement , not both simultaneously.

::: Solution ( requires you know the database name ( say dbName) ) :::

   show full tables where  Tables_in_dbName like "%main%" 
   and  Table_type = "Base Table";

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