In this new instance of Chrome, all of my accounts are signed out and I have to relog in. In the task bar I can see the original Chrome and I can open them side by side.

The old instance of Chrome:

  • All my apps
  • Accounts signed in

The new Live Preview instance of Chrome:

  • I dont have any of my apps
  • No accounts signed in
  • Essentially it is as if I am using Chrome for the first time

What I am asking is, is it safe to sign into my accounts on this new instance of Chrome?

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The Chrome profile that Brackets launches for Live Preview has the Chrome Remote Debugging API enabled. There are two reasons Brackets uses a separate profile for this:

  • Remote Debugging is off by default, and enabling it requires re-launching Chrome. Using a separate profile means your existing browsing session doesn't have to be restarted, which would be disruptive if you have lots of tabs open.
  • It reduces security slightly -- other processes on your local machine could use the Remote Debugging API to monitor / interfere with other browsing you do in this Chrome window. (The API is not exposed to the network, so if you trust your computer to be malware-free, this is less of a concern).

If you don't like having to open a separate Chrome window, you can check File > Enable Experimental Live Preview to try out a new Live Preview implementation that doesn't require the Remote Debugging API, and thus doesn't launch a new copy of Chrome. You can't use this option if your project has a custom server URL set, though.


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