I'm trying to use psycopg to update some rows in a postgres database and it doesn't do anything, the script runs without error but the database doesn't change.

import psycopg2

conn = psycopg2.connect("dbname=timetrack user=n")
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.execute("select id, extract(epoch from begin_time) as b, extract(epoch from end_time) as e from activities;")
rows = cur.fetchall()

m = 10 ** 6
for i in range(0, len(rows)):
    row = rows[i]
    cur.execute("update activities set begin=(%s), \"end\"=(%s) where id=(%s);",
            (row[0] * m, row[1] * m, row[2]))

  • What do you mean by "it doesn't do anything"? What's "it"? Which line is behaving differently than you expect? What did you expect? What actually happened? Mar 17 '15 at 3:01
  • 1
    Probably because you are using epoch from end_time as the id to update? Mar 17 '15 at 16:22

It turns out that I made a mistake in the indexing of the row variable. I wanted to set begin to begin, end to end, and id to id in the string. However, I ended up setting begin to id, end to begin, and id to begin. Postgres couldn't find any rows to update because the ids were wrong, so it did nothing.

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