I'm making this website: http://cycleswap.nl/

To stick the footer to the bottom of the page I'm using CSS flexbox, as explained here. I make use of display: flex, flex and flex-direction: column to be more specific. This includes ALL existing legacy support and browser prefixes for flexbox I could find.

Everything works fine in Chrome and Firefox (Chrome mobile too), but in IE and the default Android browser I get all kinds of bugs.

IE 11 (probably other versions too): Just bugs out completely. The footer jumps to (almost) the top of the page. SCREENSHOT.

Android browser: Looks like flex-direction is completely ignored. The footer is displayed on the right side of the page. SCREENSHOT.

Now first of all, don't tell me these browsers don't support CSS flexbox, because they do. This is clear when opening this W3Schools demo in both browsers. They both display the divs perfectly fine, including flex-direction. There must be a different problem.

My CSS is basically identical to this.

Please tell me if you need any other information! Any help is appreciated!

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Alright I managed to solve it. For anyone wondering how:

I added flex: 0 1 auto; to the footer. This fixed it for IE.

For the Android browser, I added display: box; and box-orient: vertical to body. This added some missing legacy support which fixed the problem.

  • oh my gosh..I think I love you. This solved an issue on IE/Edge that i've been battling for the last two days! Jan 18, 2017 at 0:03

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