Beginner in SQL, coming from MongoDB.

I see libs that write SQL queries with Strings like:

String sql =
    "SELECT id, category, duedate " +
    "FROM tasks " +
    "WHERE category = :category";

then one must take this sql String and write something like: List<Task> tasks = con.createQuery(sql);

My question: Imagine a db made of tables where each line in the table is considered an object. Is there a library for mySQL where the syntax would be more like:

List<Object> results = db.query().select(Object.oneField).where(Object.oneField.equals("myString").from(db.MyTable);

Note: the mySQL db is already created, I am not the owner.

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    The most 'popular' such library is probably Hibernate. In any case the term/category you are looking for is Object-relational mapping (ORM), e.g. search: "Java ORM". There are a bunch of different approaches / variants - get looking! Mar 17 '15 at 15:30
  • Can downvoters explain their vote in the comments? Why is this question not a valid? This is a guenine coding question I have, and I thank user2864740 for giving me pointers.
    – seinecle
    Mar 18 '15 at 12:32

I think Hibernate is what you are looking for.

At a very beginners level its like..

//create a user(Entity) object and set its properties User user = new User(); user.setName("xyz"); user.setCity("New Delhi");

and then you go on persisting(saving) the object to the database which will allow you to save the user properties in the database.

//get hibernate specific SessionFactory object session.persist(user); //this will make your object's properties persist in the database

Take a look at Hibernate docs for detailed info.

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