I am building one app in which there are stack of multiple pages whenever I want to go to 1st page I am using resetToPage.

navigator.resetToPage("page2.html", { animation: "slide" }):

Default it is taking right to left transition I need exactly revers of this similar to popPage transition.

I there way to achieve it .


You can find some information about this here: http://onsen.io/guide/overview.html#Transitionanimation

Basically, you can create a new animator and define it as you need. This is the basic example in OnsenUI repository: https://github.com/OnsenUI/OnsenUI/blob/1.3.14/framework/views/simpleSlideTransitionAnimator.js

As you can see there, two functions are defined: push and pop animations. resetToPage() uses the "push" animation like pushPage() does, not like popPage(). However, if you just want to invert that, you can create a new animator and define its "push" function exactly the same as the previous "pop" function. You have a quick example here:


If you change the parameters of the transform functions you will get a different behavior, so you can adapt it as you want. Hope it helps!


If you do navigator.popPage({animation: "slide"}), then the animation is reversed.

So, before you do that, you just have to insert a page in the stack before your current page.

If you want to simulate resetToPage, you must destroy previous pages by yourself too.

var pageStack = navigator.getPages();
for(var len = pageStack.length - 2, i = len ; i >= 0 ; i--) {
navigator.insertPage( 0, "page2.html", { animation: "slide" } );
navigator.popPage({animation: "slide"});

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