I have a question regarding linked-lists. How would you search through one which looks like this and find the string "Freda"?

private LinkedList<Boat> boats = new LinkedList<Boat>();

boats.add(new Boat(1, "Ed", 3));

boats.add(new Boat(2, "Fred", 7));

boats.add(new Boat(3, "Freda", 5));

I assume, getName is the getter that will return the name of the boat.

for(int i=0;i<boats.size();i++){
   //do your operation here

Itrate over your list and then search your value

for(Boat a: boats){
    if(a.name.equals("Freda")){ // name is the variable you have used to store "Fread" 
        //   sout("Found");

Supposing that you have getters and setters on your Boat:

  public Boat search (LinkedList<Boat> list, String searchedName) {
      for (Boat boat : list) {
         if(boat.getName().equals(searchedName) {
               return boat;
     throw new IllegalArgumentExcetion("This boat was not found");

As already Added In comments your should opt for Map<Key,Value> Pair Approach

private Map<String,Boat> boats = new HashMap<String,Boat>();
boats.put("ED",new Boat(1, "Ed", 3));
boats.put("Fred",new Boat(2, "Fred", 5));
boats.put("Ted",new Boat(3, "Ted", 8));

Then when you want to search you can always do this way :


If you want to search for stuff, you want to use an indexed collection like Data Store: https://github.com/jparams/data-store


Store<Boat> store = new MemoryStore<>() ;
store.add(new Boat(1, "Ed", 3));
store.add(new Boat(2, "Fred", 7));
store.add(new Boat(3, "Freda", 5));
store.index("name", Boat::getName);
Boat boat = store.getFirst("name", "Ed");

With data store you can create case-insensitive indexes and all sorts of cool stuff. If you are doing a lot of lookups, you definitely want to use a library like this over looping.


You can solve it easily via filtering the list stream;

final List<Boat> ed = boats.stream().filter(boat -> boat.name.equals("Ed")).collect(Collectors.toList());

This will return a list of all the boats with name Ed

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