I have created Hibernate UserType for my PhoneNumber class backed by single VARCHAR column in db. Generally it works fine. But now I need something like this

String hql = "FROM Call c WHERE c.calledNumber LIKE :param";
query.setParameter("param", "%385%");

which ends with

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter value [%385%] did not match expected type [PhoneNumber]

How can I do that?


c.calledNumber is a PhoneNumber object and you're trying to compare it with a string '%385%'. What's happening is like comparing a table to a column.

What you should do write is this:

String QUERY = "FROM Call c join c.calledNumber pn WHERE pn.number LIKE :myNumber";

where pn.number field is a java string.

String hql = "FROM Call c WHERE c.calledNumber LIKE concat('%', :param, '%')";
query.setParameter("param", "385");

will do the job.


Parameters inside string literals are not resolved.

You need to add %s to parameter values with string concatenation.

You could try:

String QUERY = "FROM Call c WHERE c.calledNumber LIKE :myNumber";
    .setString("myNumber", "%" + "385" + "%").list();
  • Sorry, my mistake while simplifying example. I updated the question, it should be correct now. – Ondřej Míchal Mar 18 '15 at 10:35

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