I'm trying to use the method described in this other SO question to generate the version info for an Android application:

Automatically versioning Android project from git describe with Android Studio/Gradle

The method depends on calling the git command from the gradle script. One requirement seems to be that git be in the path environment variable.

Is there a way to obtain this path from AndroidStudio's git settings? (Version Control > Git: Path to Git Executable) I'd prefer if I didn't have to set up the environment variable and avoid hardcoding the directory where git is installed.

screenshot of git configuration settings

For reference, here's the method to obtain the version name from the linked question:

def getVersionName = { ->
    try {
        def stdout = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
        exec {
            commandLine 'git', 'describe', '--tags', '--dirty'
            standardOutput = stdout
        return stdout.toString().trim()
    catch (ignored) {
        return null;

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