I'm trying to convert big number to hexadecimal representation in R, but it fails, because it can't fit into 32-bit integer. Is there any way to overcome this limitation?

> print(0xffffffff+0x10000000)
[1] 4563402751
> as.hexmode(0xffffffff+0x10000000)
Error in if (is.double(x) && (x == as.integer(x))) x <- as.integer(x) : 
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning message:
In as.hexmode(4294967295 + 268435456) : NAs introduced by coercion

Luckily I found the solution, but requires library gmp

> as.character(as.bigz(0xffffffff+0x10000000),b=16)
[1] "10fffffff"

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