Two way View is a powerful library to customize grid of components a using RecyclerView

Below is the screenshot of problem that we are facing while using this library,so i find out the resolution of that problem,

enter image description here

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After searching a couple of months ,I found one solution for above issues.

I am going to explain step by step

First of all keep you must use code of TwoWay-View library not jar.

  1. Open layout folder of library.
  2. Browse the package org.lucasr.twowayview.widget
  3. Open BaseLayoutManager class
  4. Jump to Line no. 362
  5. You will found code as

    if (anchorItemPosition > 0 && (refreshingLanes || !restoringLanes)) {

    replace this line by this one

    if (anchorItemPosition > 0 && refreshingLanes && !restoringLanes) {

Above change in BaseLayoutManager class work for me as a solution to above mentioned issues.

Hope this will help you all TwoWay-View users.

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