I have been trying to implement animation transition on more than one shared elements using the sample example showed on the android site

    ActivityOptions options = ActivityOptions.makeSceneTransitionAnimation(this,
    Pair.create(view1, "agreedName1"),
    Pair.create(view2, "agreedName2"));

but when I try to implement this code on my example application in the Eclipse IDE it says

The method makeSceneTransitionAnimation(Activity, View, String) in the type ActivityOptions is not applicable for the arguments (MyActivity, Pair<View,String>, Pair<View,String>)

I could use some help there. Thanks.

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I just came across the same issue. In my case I've imported

import android.support.v4.util.Pair;

instead of

import android.util.Pair;

In my Case, I was trying to pass imageView and linearLayout, whereas the method was expecting Views.

So I did, View view1 = imageView; and View view2 = linearLayout. and passed them to the method.

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