in the checkout page, I am trying to pass a variable through step 2 to step 3. I want to check the town of the user and do specific payments methods according to the town of the user. I tried a lot, but couldn't see the variable. It always returns blank!

In the step 2, (this is the page with the address and everything about the user-client) I did this:

{assign var="town" value="$user_state"}

How can I pass this variable to step 3? (file name is payment_methods.tpl)

*I read something about smarty... I tried {php} code...

Any help? thanks in advance!


ok I found a solution to my problem. Inside the step_profile_fields.tpl file, I have done my calculations and capture this variable, for example: {capture name="state_of_user"}{$ship}{/capture}

In step 4, I have included the previous tpl file (step_profile_fields.tpl) and grab this value through: $smarty.capture.state_of_user For example I have this: {include file=".." user=$smarty.capture.state_of_user}

if someone need more help. please let me know!

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