I'm looking for an acoustic fingerprinting solution which can match a song from a database of originals by a user's rendition (a recording of singing or humming).

There are various acoustic fingerprinting solutions available but most are only able to match tracks from a copy of the original (albeit with noise, different encoding etc) but I need to be able to match from an imitation of the song.

The 'original' that I'm looking to match against could also be an acapella, i.e. without background instruments, to make the matching more reliable if necessary.

Obviously SoundHound does this but it doesn't sell it as a service, I have also come across Tunebot but they don't have a publicly available API either.

Could anyone recommend a good commercial or open source option?


Unfortunately, from my knowledge on the topic, currently there is no good open source option because any open source isn't accurate enough or simply isn't able to filter out music (able to do it with speaking only). Any commercial options are already apps but the code and implementation is closed unless you use their plugin. I'm unaware of any commercial apps which even offer APIs for their product.

This is a topic I have been interested in but haven't found a solution apart from doing it yourself. Anything copied or duplicated is often not a good idea because the patents they hold are strong, and unless its for personal use it likely will be rather difficult.

  • In my use-case I wouldn't need to filter out the music. The user generated audio will be vocals only (singing or humming) and the 'original' to compare to could be a professionally sung version of the song without background music. Do you know an open source version which could do this?
    – Sean
    Mar 19 '15 at 16:09
  • You could try the following link . Otherwise you could try our friendly Google with the key phrases voice recognition open source and music filters open source. Mar 20 '15 at 2:57
  • Additionally: Echoprint Will Drevo Shazam in Java Mar 20 '15 at 3:00

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