I'm trying to upload a debian package to ppa.launchpad.net using dput. As mentioned in launchpad.net help I just have to use the following command:

dput ppa:my-lp-id/ppa <source.changes>

My PPA is called main. I built the package using debuild -S and try to upload the resulting foo_0.1.2_source.changes file using the following command:

dput ppa:myid/main foo_0.1.2_source.changes

But this results in

No host ppa:myid/main found in config

In my dput.cf I have the following:

fqdn                    = ppa.launchpad.net
method                  = ftp
# replace <launchpad-id> with your Launchpad ID
#incoming               = ~<launchpad-id>/ubuntu
incoming                = ~myid/ubuntu
login                   = anonymous

So, the host is definitely there, but what's wrong here?

EDIT: Seems to be a problem with dput on ArchLinux. The same command on Ubuntu worked like a charm.

  • Replace ppa:myid/main with ppa . ppa is the entry from dput.cf .
    – Sam
    Commented Feb 15, 2022 at 10:02

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I just figured this out for myself. I am on a Debian system and this is what worked for me:

The dput command uses the section header name from dput.cf as input. So, in the case you described above you would want to use the command:

dput ppa foo_0.1.2_source.changes

Here is what my dput.cf config looks like:

fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net
method = ftp
incoming = ~username/stendhal-webstart/ubuntu/
login = anonymous
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

So the command dput stendhal-webstart stendhal-webstart_1.0_source.changes worked for me. Hope this helps.

It seems that dput settings are a bit different on Ubuntu systems than others'.

  • This worked for me for the phpMyAdmin PPA incoming = ~phpmyadmin/ppa/ubuntu/ Commented Apr 24, 2023 at 11:51

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