Is it possible to play a sound after my app was compiled and deployed on smartphone in Android Studio / IntelliJ

My workaround is to play a sound inside of onStart() method of my StartActivity, but I have to implement (copy/paste) this pattern for every new project. Not realy nice solution.

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    Since Android Studio uses Gradle for the builds, if you can figure out how to make a Gradle task play a sound, you should be able to chain that into the build process. – CommonsWare Mar 20 '15 at 12:00

In Android Studio, go into Preferences > Appearance & Behavior > Notifications, go down to Gradle Build (Logging) and check the Read aloud box.

This will speak Gradle build finished in x minutes and x seconds when your build is complete.

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    Could not find in Android Studio 3.4.2. Can you post some screenshots? – Abhi Jul 13 at 14:56

Not sure whether it can make sounds but you can use announce plugin with gradle to get notifications. Check this article for start. The notification behavior definitely depends on operating system you use..

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