hey i am working on a web crawler in ASP.NET and using HTML Agility Pack for HTML Parsing . Whenever I loop Foreach in a table and Want to SELECT and get value of Iteration Node It only Gives me first value repeatedly.

Here is my CODE

 public void Olxrun(String query)
        string url = "http://olx.com.pk/all-results/?q=" + query + "&page=1"  ;
        var webGet = new HtmlWeb();
        var document = webGet.Load(url);

            var lnks = document.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//*[contains(@class,'offer onclick  ')]");

            foreach (HtmlNode node in lnks)
                Label1.Text += "
" + node.SelectSingleNode("//*[contains(@class,'price x-large margintop10')]").InnerText; } } catch(Exception exa) { Label1.Text += "Error"; } }

Try using .//*[contains(@class,'price x-large margintop10')]

// will always start from the root element.

.// will start from the current node.


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