I'm new to the Windows Mobile scene, but I have made a few Symbian apps before. When I was making those apps the target device was always a Nokia, and Nokia is good about providing specific device emulators. Despite my best search efforts the only emulator I can find for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices is in the SDK. I want to develop apps for the HTC HD2 which does run Windows Mobile 6.5, but has a vastly different screen size and a touch interface with HTC Sense. I want to include/build around the features of the HD2, but I am unsure how to efficiently and effectively do that without an HD2 device emulator unless I wanted to take a chance with my phone... which I do not.

Where can I get an HD2 device emulator?

Any other thoughts?


Only HTC could provide such an emulator, and I'm not aware of one. You can alter the settings for the existing emulator to adjust the display size to match the HD2. What exactly are you afraid of with using your actual hardware? Real hardware is always a better target than emulation anyway.

  • Thanks, that did it. Very simple, can't believe I missed it. As for why I am afraid of using my phone, I have just heard some horror stories, and I once had a scare with my 6600 where I thought I bricked it. After all of this I have come to the crushing realization that I cannot develop apps for the HD2 (WM 6.5) in Visual Studio 2010 because VS2010 only supports WM7.0 or higher... Damm you Bill... Damm you... – ubiquibacon May 27 '10 at 4:31
  • 1
    Wish we could blame it on Bill. Trust me, we're lobbying hard to get this remedied, it's just tought getting resource allocation for it. – ctacke May 27 '10 at 12:53

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