I have a few million documents in an ElasticSearch index with some numeric fields, say foo and bar. Is there any way to use Kibana 4 to create a graph with foo values on the X axis and bar values on the Y axis? Like a very, very basic chart one might create using Excel.

I'm fine with sampling/aggregations of some kind. I understand that these tools won't show me a plot with 20 million data points. I'm just trying to see if there's some obvious relationship between foo and bar by creating a graph.

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To just plot the correlation between revenue and employee count I would just use a line chart like this:

simple line chart

In order to justify creating a scatter plot chart though (since they're awesome and I wanted to) I generated some fake data that looked something like this:

  name: faker.company.companyName(),
  employees: _.random(3, 30),
  revenue: _.random(10000, 100000),
  industry: _.sample(industries)

And plotted it in visualize by breaking it down piece-by-piece:

  1. Start with a line chart
  2. Switch to Options tab of sidebar (since 4.1)
    • Uncheck "Show Connecting Lines"
    • Check "Scale Y-Axis to Data Bounds"
  3. Switch back to the Data tab
  4. Modify the "Y-Axis"
    • use the Average aggregation
    • on the employees field
  5. Add a "Dot Size" metric
    • use the Unique Count aggregation
    • on the company field
  6. Add a "Split Lines" bucket
    • use the Terms aggregation
    • on the industry field
    • I like to set the size close to the cardinality of my data
  7. Add an "X-Axis"
    • use the Histogram aggregation
    • on the revenue field
    • guess an interval, you will need to play with this a bit
  8. Finally, click Apply

This configuration is pretty complex, but the resulting visualization shows a lot of information.

scatter plot

  • Does Kibana support any interactivity with the plotted points/glyphs beyond a hover tool like you graciously included with the last screen shot? For example can one click on a point and have it serve as link opening up a view focused in on that data point? I'm looking for something analogous to Bokeh's TapTool functionality, which is basically click a point with subsequent callback.
    – jxramos
    Commented Jul 11, 2019 at 23:14

I found a hack for this.

  1. Create a line chart
  2. X axis is a Terms aggregation of foo
  3. Add sub-aggregation (Split Lines) on the same field
  4. Y Axis is sum of your other column (bar)

I don't see any way of making the legend meaningful, though


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